Our Story

Myne USA Emeralds® are exceptional emeralds sourced with a commitment to the highest social and environmental standards.

Source & Supply

Our Emeralds are sourced from the Swat Valley in the North West mountains of Pakistan. The area boasts rare deposits of emeralds that are highly prized for their intense, vivid green colour. Brought to market by Myne.

We have established a formal and responsible supply chain in the region that promotes women’s empowerment through access to education, training and skilled employment. While partnering with sustainable practices of mining.

The Myne Foundation

Access to education is an important topic in Pakistan and was highlighted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their official tour of the country in 2019. So we decided to set up the Myne Foundation.

Myne Foundation’s goal is to offer a hand of support to those who want or need it within the emerald mining workforce. With your help, the foundation are providing opportunities for women and girls in the present moment and helping to secure their successful futures.

The Myne Foundation

With your help

we will donate 10% of all profits.