Press Release: June 2024

LONDON-based ethical emerald supplier, Myne London, has announced that its charity – the Myne London Foundation – has become an official supporter of Malala Fund to help girls’ access to education in Pakistan.

Since 2018, Myne London has provided a traceable route to market for emeralds hailing from Swat Valley, Pakistan. The business has focused on promoting women’s empowerment through access to education, training and skilled employment, supported by the region’s high-quality emerald melee, as well as the creation of Swat Valley emerald bespoke jewellery and collaborations with international jewellery brands and designers.

The Myne London Foundation, which receives 10% of all Myne London profits, was established in 2021 to offer a hand of support to those seeking access to education in the Myne London lapidary and emerald mining community. It hosted its inaugural fundraising event in London on March 19, 2022.

As the Foundation’s core focus is on advancements in girls’ education, it has now chosen to become a supporter of Malala Fund and donate US $10,000 to its grassroots efforts in Pakistan.

Myne London co-founder Kate Murray Gordos says: “We are delighted to support the incredible work of Malala Fund by donating $10,000 from the Myne London Foundation. Pakistan is a beautiful country and so close to our hearts as we spent a wonderful part of our childhood there. We are deeply and historically connected to the education system in Pakistan.

“Our father was the principal of a college in Peshawar and met with the President of Pakistan at the time to lobby for educational funds. Fiona and I were also extremely lucky to go to Murree Christian School, an American-run school in Murree in the foothills of the Himalayas. Our world-class emeralds are sourced from mines very close to where we lived in Peshawar, and this also strengthens and affirms our commitment to Malala Fund.”

Malala Fund was established by Malala and Ziauddin Yousafzai in 2013 to champion every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education. It has given more than US $12.9 million to local organisations across Pakistan since 2014.

Murray Gordos adds: “Malala Fund is commendable for its efforts to tackle barriers that prevent girls from staying in school, as well as bolstering government funding for girls’ education and promoting science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) learning.”

Looking ahead, Myne London will expand its support for Malala Fund by entering into a commercial co-venture (CCV) via which a percentage of profits from Myne London jewellery sales will be donated to the charity. More details are anticipated in due course. To find out more about the Myne London Foundation, please visit:


For further information,
please contact: Fiona Wellington, Founder, Myne London